This blog was originally created for academic purposes, documenting our activities in Desktop Publishing and Basic Photography. Now, it is my personal platform, aimed to improve my craft and extend my reach to inspire others through words and visual storytelling.
 (n.) synonymous to: BOXFACE
a 24 yr-old Communication Arts graduate; born in the Philippines, grew up in Canada
Other (inactive) blog: jaccarlos.tumblr.com

14351230445_18a0a27d81_oWriting. A large portion of this blog contains articles (click for the directory) I’ve written about youth culture/lifestyle, personal discoveries, documentations of significant experiences in my life that I wish to share and impart to my viewers.
Photography. Early in college, I first learned the basics after my photographer friends used me as their model/subject. I don’t label myself a photographer (mainly because I don’t own an actual camera and mostly just use my phone) but I do share that same interest in capturing life’s precious moments. Photos here are all taken and post-processed by me unless otherwise noted.
Art. Since I was a kid, I’ve always appreciated the creative community of visual artists. When inspired, I have “art attacks” which you’ll find here – from doodles, sketches, paintings, and digital art. I mostly do graphic design now.

Watch my Vlogs & subscribe to my channel: youtube.com/c/jaccarlosofficial
Check out my photo/art blog: theboxface.tumblr.com

Let’s collaborate! Contact me by clicking the social media links above. Ask me anything or message me. Your questions, comments & suggestions are much appreciated and will be taken constructively.



  1. I discovered your blog today, and I have to say that I find you very inspiring! Many of your articles reflect things that I’m sure many people feel but are too scared to show for the fear of being different or not fitting in. I feel that I can relate to a lot of your articles, and even though I haven’t read a lot of your posts, you inspire me very much. So please continue posting thoughtful insights, I’m officially a fan!
    Icie ❤

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