SPOTLIGHT: “SA PLATO’s” signature-specialty chicken wings are a must-try!

Get’em while they’re hot!
There’s a brand new resto on the radar and making a hype on the streets of Calamba, Laguna. Word is, they’re serving a classic favorite: their signature-specialty chicken wings! After a raging first week, this chillspot has already stamped a solid footprint and a promising future for their business, backed up by multiple rave food reviews… and they’re just getting started!


Opening day last July 21, 2017 – Photo taken from Sa Plato Facebook page

“Saan ka nga ba kakain? Edi, Sa Plato!”
Deciding where to eat is one of the hardest things to do, especially when you’re not alone. Fortunately for us, that problem is now solved! What started off as only jokes and random ideas between a group of friends, has suddenly materialized into what is now known as, “Sa Plato” – your one-stop shop to what we now call, “the home of the best chicken wings in Calamba!” Co-founded by the joint forces of three passionate and business-minded individuals, “Poy”, “Shu”, and “Ton” (POYSHUTON), the resto finally opened its doors to the public last July 21, 2017 and is now officially at your service every Monday – Friday, from 11AM – 9PM!

July 28, 2017. Since we couldn’t make it to the opening, as support to our store owner friends, some good’ol college mates and I made it a point to check out the place, pronto! So I’ll be filling you in on how it all went down, chilling at this new local food joint literally from day to night. And of course, I’ll be giving our unfiltered verdicts on what their service has to offer!


Opening day last July 21, 2017 – Photo taken from Sa Plato Facebook page

Location & ambience. If you know the street heading to Letran-Calamba in Bucal, then you probably know or have heard of Dap-Dap St. That’s where you’ll find Sa Plato. Walk or take a trike – it’s easily accessible coming from the highway. Just look for a small white-picket fenced storefront! This specific area was the popular “place to be”, back when I was still in college at Letran-Calamba because of its nightlife. So walking down there was pretty nostalgic to say the least. Though I’ve heard the area has died down after some time, I’ve got a good feeling it’ll claim it’s name again as a hangout hot-spot, now that this food joint is up and running.

Immediately after arriving at the store, I got a feel of that casual and laid-back atmosphere. Though, I’m sure that vibe can change depending on the time due to their largely populated student consumers. Nevertheless, the service is quick, the staff are all approachable and friendly, so don’t be shy to strike up a conversation, even on a busy hour.

The place is small yet comfortable and can accommodate about 20-30 people on a full house, with the help of a few tables and chairs out front as well. Admittedly, the store owners mentioned the interior and exterior design is still a work in progress. But just like their food, they’re cooking up an amazing design blueprint on top of their ongoing fixations to upgrade the resto’s overall look and service. So don’t be fooled by the unfinished appearance, because their mouth-watering menu makes up for it!
Favored and flavorful. As mentioned, this resto’s specialty is their signature take on the classic favorite and fried tender chicken wings. They come in five flavors as seen above, with rice. You can also order add-ons like gravy or garlic mayo dips (recommended), plus unlimited iced tea. I ordered the “hot chicks” aka, spicy wings! It was noted that the “winnie” (honey) and their original recipe, “pesto” flavored wings are their current best-sellers, which easily became our top two favorites at the end of the day.

The serving is already pretty generous, but be prepared to break your diet and order an extra cup of rice or two (especially if you got the spicy wings like me), because the chicken’s flavors are too good too savor with only one cup of rice.

What’s great is their wings are not too oily – something I’m personally picky about when it comes to fried food, so that was a definite plus for me. But still get ready to get a bit messy with your hands, because I’m sure the hardcore chicken-lovers will dig right in, in a hot-minute! I wasn’t able to try their liempo (grilled pork belly), but I heard their pieces are guaranteed to satisfy your inner meat-lover cravings.
Their current menu doesn’t have desserts for now, but they do offer “Cookie Mastah” chocolate oatmeal cookies over the counter, worth trying for only P20.

Vision and verdict. After a strong start, talking to the store owners solidified my thoughts on where their business could take them in the future. The potential is evident behind the quality service, which runs on the staff’s high motivation, positive customer feedback, and heavy support system, as explained by the store owners. In fact, their staff is actually filled with friend volunteers who want to contribute to the growing success. Parts of the current design elements like their main signage and wall installations, were all practically recycled from a past business. Those factors to me, along with the delicious food, all reflect the positive appeal of their overall business advocacy, and I believe that is what can take them far.
Looking to the future, they’ve set high goals and envision a revamped resto design, larger space, and possibly opening up branches in nearby areas like Los Banos and Cabuyao. They wish to expand their reach and appeal not only to students and the youth, but families as well. I don’t wanna give away too much, but I will tease some promising savory menu upgrades and exciting events to look forward to that will showcase the local art and music scene in the near future! If that’s not enough, CLICK HERE for a closer insider. And of course, for more updates and support, make sure to show some love for the fellas behind Sa Plato by liking their Facebook page.

So the next time you and your friends are wondering where to eat… well, you already know!
Good eats and good vibes,

PS. In case you’re wondering how our day ended (or should I say night), I’ll let these last couple of photos do the talking…

We joked around saying after business hours, “Sa Plato” turns into “Sa Baso“, if you know what we mean… But kidding aside, the place is also the perfect tambay or hangout spot. Huge thanks to the team! We’ll definitely be coming back for more!



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