Why you should hit up this lit Makati food park — “Buendia FOOD by the COURT”

Eat, play, drink, repeat, again & again. That’s exactly what you’ll first see on the lot’s walls and find yourself doing when you hit up the literally lit, Buendia Food By The Court! Established in January 2017, this food park catering more to millenials with its street and youthful vibe, is located at Sen. Gil J. Puyat Ave. cor Bautista St. in Makati. It was made as an extension to the already functioning basketball court way back when.
It’s very accessible to those in the central Makati and Taft area, that only requires a short jeep or bus ride (or even a walk) coming from either end. Many have already heard of, or have gone to this place due to its rage on the “what’s hot” radar for food junkies ever since it opened. And there’s no questioning why! It’s a perfect chillspot to unwind at after a long day of work or school. Plus, you can score delicious food and drinks all for affordable prices!

We’re a bit late on the buzz, so it was only recently when we checked out the food park ourselves. But we know we’re not the only ones! Also, a lot has changed and been added since their opeinng, so if you haven’t been yet, then here’s why you need to treat you and your friends at Buendia Food By The Court.
Choices Galore. One of the hardest things (for me) is deciding on what to eat, especially when you’ve got a wide range of exceedingly satisfying food choices (and a huge appetite). At BFBTC, they’ve got grub fit for anyone’s taste buds. Whether you’re craving for some Mexican spice flavors, an all-American or Canadian-style dish, or maybe some classic Chinese, Indonesian or Japanese cuisines – there’s something for everyone.

Due to our sched that day, and since we really just randomly thought of checking out the area, we didn’t go all-out with the food. But I did come up with a game plan for the next time I come back here. And you can too! All of the joints you can find at the food park are shown below. For more details on their updated menus, click here: Must Try: Buendia Food by The Court in Makati (ph.phonebooky.com).
Budget Friendly. (Above) I ordered a 6-foot chicken teriyaki sub sandwich, my sister got a pinoy favorite and relatively large serving of lugaw with gulaman, while my brother also got the filipino caldereta dish with rice, a side of sweetened bananas and iced tea. Everything we ordered was less than P400, and came with a convincing aftertaste telling us we need to come back again!

Fresh Finds. I noticed a stall that had a consistent line-up: BMW (Burgers Meet Wings). They have a best-seller of mini-burgers in different colors! I heard they also have a monster-sized 8-inch burger (for sharing of course… maybe). Another eye-catcher I got interested in was the Brothers’ Blends frappes in a vial! How cool is that? Aside from the taste, everything (including the area) looks #InstagramWorthy. Plus points for that, no doubt!

The photos below were what my elder sister and her friends ordered before when they ate at BFBTC, just to show you a bit more of the food they offer.

Chill Ambiance.  I’m all about the vibes given off by a certain place, and if I dig it, then I can kick it. BTFBC definitely gives off that chillaxing feel I look for. We arrived there just a bit after it opens (5:00PM) so there wasn’t too much people at first. Though I imagine it can get rowdy and loud once it’s packed, when the night falls and the hanging lights are turned on, you still get that “laid-back, feet up, with a cold beer in your hand” kind of feel.
I highly recommend you try and get a spot up top on the roofdeck where you’ll find more tables and chairs, plus a great view overlooking the compound and the Makati cityscape. If I were to suggest an additional attraction to the food park though, I think all that’s missing is a live band to complete the whole experience! But even without one, music is still played there so no need to worry about that.
So if I still haven’t convinced you, well I suggest you just try going there yourselves and give it your verdict. Let me know! As for us? Like what they have written on the wall, we’ll definitely be coming back again and again…

Sun – Mon:
5:00PM – 12AM, Fri & Sat: 5:00PM – 2:00AM (select merchants)

Make sure to support them by visiting and liking their Facebook page for more updates: Buendia Food By The Court and follow them on Instagram: @buendiafoodbythecourt


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